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Update: The forum has now been discontinued please read the signup guide and join us on discord.

Future of Tri-Service Moving to Discord.

Hi everyone, internal discussion that we’ve been having for the last six months has sent us down a path looking to replace this forum software that is ageing and is having nothing but issues and lack of ongoing development.

Today we’re announcing that we are moving to another online platform called Discord.

Discord is a more modern platform and kind of brings IRC and Forums to the modern age there’s also some functions that add some features similar to a forum as well as real-time communication such as voice rooms that support video as well and much much more.

You will need to sign up for a new account with discord and join our server there is also optional apps that can be run on your desktop or mobile operating system of choice but you can also choose to access discord in a browser.

You’ll find a link to a step-by-step signup guide here it will help you transition to the new community successfully.

If there’s any questions or any additional help required please reach out using our contact form available here.

Regards Kyle
On behalf of the moderation and admin team here at Tri-Service.