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Step-by-Step Signup Guide.

I would like to reassure users this is no more complicated than signing up for most websites including this one initially when you originally signed up.

To make things easier we are going to split this into two parts the sign up to Discord part is below and in part two will show you how to join the server and gain full access to our server.

Step-by-step guide.

1. Decide if you want to use the app or not. The app is available on all major OS platforms including mobile OS’s. The app is available at you can skip this step if you don’t want to use the app and follow the browser instructions below.

But it is preferred that you use the apps it will make things much easier going forward.

2. Signup.

App’s: Once you have chosen to install it on your OS of choice you run it for the first time you should be in the registration set up flow automatically if not look for some text that says Register.

Web Browser: Visit

2.1: Now you should be in a create an account section like you would’ve done here fill out the relevant information which is email username and password and additionally they require a date of birth for terms of service and to access NSFW channels.

3. Verify

To make sure you actually have a real discord account and not a guest account you need to provide an email to discord which will send off a verification email to the email address that you have given that will need to be verified.

You can confirm that you don’t have a guest account by going to on desktop the gear icon next to your profile picture.

Once you click the gear icon you should immediately be in the my account section you’ll see an email address listed on file for your account.

If you see any of the below you have a guest account and all you need to do is hit the claim button to complete the steps and then go to your email to verify your email address.

If you follow the steps above to go to the my account settings page you’ll also be seeing the following if you do not have a registered account.

Other indications that you may have a guest account a an orange bar across the top and unable to be able to post in channels on our server both are shown below in the screenshot.

If you don’t have any claim account notifications you have completed the discord signup steps you can follow the steps below to join the discord server.

Joining the community.

Now that you have completed your discord signup let’s start the process of connecting your discord account to our server by having you join our community on discord.

As you are a verified user of this community already we have streamlined the process for joining not requiring you to go through extended verification with JB like new users to the forum have to.

All you need to do to join our discord server once you have your discord user account set up is visit this link should do this on the device you signed up to Discord with so you already signed in.

Once you’re in our lobby you’ll see a verify channel directly below the lobby. Please say something in this channel just simply hires sufficient and wait there for me to add the relevant permissions to give you full access this will allow me to determine that you do have a registered discord account before giving you access.

Additionally if your username is not able to be matched with our records here you should also post in this thread below but I will also let you know that they may be required if I can’t identify you in the verify channel anyway.

Accessing the community going forward. If you chose the app option launch in the App will log you onto the community. If you chose to use the browser you’ll need to visit and click the big open in browser button. Additionally you can just go to this URL

We would strongly recommend using the discord apps to make things easier as you just click one icon and you should be in discord and one click away from our server or any other discord server community you decide to join.